Our Pillars

Church Pillars

  • God’s Worship Center: Our church encourages its members to live a life that pleases God wherever they move. It makes a difference between true worship and false worship (religiosity).
  • Center of Revelation of the glory of God: Our church reveals to the world the glory of God through the transformation of lives that functions as a magnet that attracts others.
  • Center of Demonstration of the Power of God: It is dynamic and effective by the power of God over sickness, death, nature and demons.
  • Center for the Expansion of the Kingdom of God: Our Church actively seeks around it those who are not saved and develops teaching programs so that they can believe in Jesus Christ and assume the mission of winning, building and sending.

Organizational Pillars

  • Unity of Purpose: All members of the corporation think and act in line with the Senior Management. Although there is autonomy and self-sufficiency in certain areas of the organization, they must aim at a common good, at the same objective set by the Organization
  • Knowledge of the environment: The Church must be attentive to the changes that occur around it in the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological and ecological areas in order to give a timely response
  • Capable leadership: The leader is the center around which the organization gravitates. If the leader is competent, the organisation will prosper; if he or she is incompetent, chaos will be created.
  • Effective Organization: The organization requires adequate control systems, fluid communication, effective resource allocation and competent personnel.