To make Weinfelden, the region and Switzerland, spaces where love and the principles of the kingdom of God are present in all areas of personal and social life, as a model and platform for world mission. Our foundation is the Bible, Acts 1:8


It is important for us to seek out people who do not know about Jesus Christ and who are unconnected to the church, to lead them to salvation by making a personal decision. Then we train them to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and his church. We form from them autonomous, responsible and spiritual leaders. In this way, we raise up a generation of conquerors, who are the ones who are able to carry out the word and who are willing to take the gospel without looking at the price. We are guided by the Bible in Matthew 28:19-20

As Centro Cristiano Weinfelden we also want to actively contribute to missions and the care of the poorest by supporting the children’s projects of our main church in Cúcuta, Colombia, according to Proverbs 19:17